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    Os 3268
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 Station Arrival Departure Train
 Puchov 15:40 Os 3268
 Puchov-zavody15:42 15:43 
 Puchov zast.15:45 15:45 
 Dohnany15:49 15:49 
 Zariecie15:53 15:54 
 Luky pod Makytou15:57  

Days of operation: 
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Jan  xx ¦ xxxx  xxxxx  xxxxx¦ xxxxx
Feb   xxxxx  xxxxx¦ xxxxx  xxxxx ¦ 
Mar   xxxxx  xxxxx¦ xxxxx  xxxxx ¦x
Apr xxxx¦ xxxxx  xxxx  ¦ xxxx  xxx 
May  x  xxx x¦ xxxxx  xxxxx ¦xxxxx 
Jun  xxxxx  xxxxx ¦xxxxx  xxxxx  x 
Jul xxxx¦ xxxxx  xxxxx ¦xxxxx  xxxx
Aug x  xxxxx ¦xxxxx  xxxxx  xxxx ¦ 
Sep  xxxx  xxxxx  ¦xxxx¦ xxxxx  xx 
Oct xxx ¦xxxxx  xxxxx  xxxxx¦ xxxxx
Nov   xxxxx  xxxxx¦  xxxx  xxxxx ¦ 
Dec xxxxx  xxxxx  ¦    ¦    ¦    ¦
Number of bicycles conveyed limited
2nd class only
Timetable valid from 15.12.13 to 12.12.15. Software/Data: HAFAS 5.33.BeNe.4.9.0 - 26.10.14
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